We believe in love. We believe in lasting love. And, we believe there are many of you out there, like us, who are tired of today’s dating options, relationships that don’t last; and the difficulties we face when trying to co-exist with a womankind we love, we need… but, whom we don’t fully understand.

Double Love Seven (DL7) was created to give men a place to learn, grow and flourish in the world of romance and love, and reap the benefits of those efforts.  We offer tips and tools to help you become a true Romance Alpha-Male who exercises that knowledge to the benefit of the object of his affection, as well as himself.  We call these growth-seekers DL7 Romance Agents.

What we offer is a way to transform your current relationship (or prepare you for a future one) into a positive, healthy, creative relationship keeping it fresh and interesting with unique ideas and comprehensive explanations of why romance is beneficial to both of you, and a necessary part of battling complacency for a truly healthy relationship.

What DL7 is NOT, is a place for swindlers, players, manipulators, or other ill-doers looking to bamboozle women into thinking they’re something they’re not, playing with their emotions.  If you don’t have genuine intentions to create a loving healthy relationship (whether dating or married), then DL7 is probably not for you.

DL7 agents are mature–and by that, we don’t mean in age.  We mean mature in emotion and mental health with a willingness to grow, improve, and create a fulfilling relationship for you and your love. If that’s you, we are excited to have you join our Operation: “The Double Love Movement”.

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