Romance feeds your woman emotionally.
An emotionally satisfied woman is open physically.
A physically open woman feeds you sexually.
Both of you are happy and satisfied!


Why should I care about romance?

Romance is a critical part of a healthy relationship!  Romance feeds the woman’s emotional self, allowing her to feel secure and able to open up to you.  When she is in this satisfied state, she opens herself to physical connection. Simply put, when she’s satisfied emotionally, you’re satisfied sexually. It’s a win-win!  For more details and a greater explanation of this process, read our blogs under “Word On The Wires“.

How can DL7 help me in my relationship or potential relationship?

DL7 makes creating romantic gestures easy, inexpensive and cool!  Our tools, tricks, tips, instructions, ideas, advice and research make implementing unique romance tactics into your relationship simple.  We’re the one and only one-stop-shop for romance ideas that will capture and keep the object of your affection’s attention.

What’s in the Armory and why do I need it?

Our Armory is full of tools to help you become a trained DL7 Romance Agent.  We want to make it an easy, and yet, special way to keep the fire alive in your love life.  There, you’ll find lots of cool, unique, inexpensive products that you can keep on hand to keep the romance going.  Click on any product to read a description, as well as ideas on how to use them. To further simplify things for you, we provide our DL7 Armory Bag of which you can purchase empty or full of “Wonderfuls”.  It can be easily transported so you always have something on-hand for spontaneous gestures of romance, no matter where you are! 

What are “Wonderfuls”?

Wonderfuls are used to describe romantic tokens or actions that make your woman feel wonderful.  It may be a small plastic heart you drop in her wallet, a heart-shaped pocket made in toilet paper origami, or simply a unique idea of how and where to leave a love note… they’re all “Wonderfuls” and they do wonders! For more information and ideas of how to use “Wonderfuls”, visit our Special Ops page and download the “Wonderfuls” instruction sheet!

What are Special Ops?

Our Special Ops section offers instructional operations for romance.  This may include romance cooking videos, instruction downloads for toilet paper love origami and other fun and exciting romantic operations that will let her know that she’s important to you.  Visit our Special Ops page for links to all kinds of simple, creative ideas you’ll love! Its continually being updated, so be sure to check back often!

Can DL7 Tactical Romance be used for same-sex couples?

Of course! You know your partner best, so you can decide what will touch his/her heart and feed them, emotionally. Our site often refers to men romancing women for simplicity’s sake, however, anyone who is interested in a loving, healthy relationship can benefit from becoming a DL7 Romance Agent!

I’d like to share my ideas for romance… is there a way I can submit my ideas to your site?

We LOVE hearing from you!  If you have a unique idea you’d like to share, feel free to reach out to us to let us know!  If we feature your submitted idea, we’ll be sure to give you credit! Contact us here.

How can I stay informed of new products, blogs, books and operations when DL7 releases them?

That’s easy! Check back to our website’s Armory and Special Ops often or connect with us on social media by clicking one of the social media buttons at the bottom of this page.