double love seven

“Women are impossible.”

Maybe you’ve said that a time or two…  because, well, it can be difficult to navigate the “World of the Woman”.  But, that’s only because men don’t necessarily understand romance.  We, at Double Love Seven, get it.  We live it.  And, we are here to help you understand what romance really is, how to implement it into your relationship, and most importantly… WHY it’s a crucial part of the ingredients to achieving the results you want in your love life.
Real help is finally here.  We’re not about cliché buzz words or lame instructions to bring her flowers and chocolates.  We’ve painstakingly researched, interviewed, processed and compiled information to aid you in solidifying your abilities as a true and elite DL7 Romance Agent.  As a Romance Agent you’ll reap the benefits of a solid, healthy relationship that is easy, comfortable and results in that amazing physical connection you crave, without ignoring or invalidating the emotional connection women need.
You’re likely here at DL7 because you’re lacking a meaningful connection, can’t seem to find true love, you’re missing the passion in your current relationship, or you just can’t seem to get on the same page with your lover.  Well, we are here to help!  DL7 was created to provide real answers, tools, tips and instructions to help in improving  your love life.  You’ll learn priceless information in our Blogs, access unique practices with our Special Romance Operations, find Tools for Romance in our Armory, and receive Romance Tips that are sure to make an impact!


Informative Blogs

to better help you understand what romance really is and why it’s crucial in your relationship

Special Ops

videos and downloadable instructions for romance objectives that bring passion to your relationship

Tools of the Trade

supplying inexpensive, thoughtful products to use to woo your woman and open her up to you

And Much More!

We provide DL7 “Romance Agents”, like you, with information and effective tools to help tap into your object of affection’s inner woman and ultimately find the response you’re searching for; even if it feels like there’s too much convoluting your current relationship.  The truth is, she wants the same passion filled relationship that you seek.  The trick is to know HOW to bring that out in her… and brace yourself:  It starts with YOU.
But, don’t worry… we’ve got your back.  Having DL7 on your side is like having a magic love potion.  We’ll provide the ingredients and instructions.  It’s your job to mix it up and apply it.  Done right, the rewards you’ll reap will be outstanding:  Her undying love, loyalty, respect and increased passion and sexual desire for you.


Mission accomplished. 

Welcome, future DL7 Agent! Let’s Get Started